Upcoming Action Movies To See On The Big Screen


There’s nothing like action movies to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. Whether it’s the epic explosions or the creative ways to destroy high-dollar possessions, there’s just something special about getting settled into your favorite chair at home or a comfy seat at your local theater & letting the action just wash right over you.

For some time now, there’s been a bit of an understanding that action movies are usually released during the summer as part of the whole summer blockbuster onslaught. However, in recent years, movie studios have begun to realize that people need a bit of octane in their life throughout the calendar year. This is why you see the holiday season is packed with great action movies. You even find great action flicks for Valentine’s Day every once in a while.

2019 is no different, so if you’re a big fan of action movies, here are a few to watch at your favorite theater:

Kim Possible — OK, this is more a TV movie, but it’s one that a lot of folks are talking about. The cast is pretty stacked, so this looks to be worth checking out.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu — Based on the wildly popular video game & one of the most well-known animation properties in the world, this looks to be a really hip movie that could appeal to a massive audience.

Avengers: Endgame — Everyone is still trying to recover from Infinity War, but geez. This is perhaps the most hotly anticipated movies in years.

Let’s be honest: action movies belong on the big screen. Do yourself a favor and head to your local theater because when it comes watching cinematic awesomeness, it should be done on a massive screen with a ridiculously good sound system surrounding you!

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